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James Matthews was born in Kansas. He spent his youth hearing and reading stories of the Great Plains during the nineteenth century, stories of wagon trains, Indians, homesteaders, cowboys and the like. Some of the stories were remembrances from his own grandparents.

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Historical Tidbits

“The Jayhawkers” describes the deplorable conditions in Andersonville, the most infamous Confederate Civil War Prison, but there were many more on both sides of the struggle. Camp Douglas, a Union Prison near Chicago, was nearly as bad as Andersonville. There were scores more with the same problems of starvation, disease and mas deaths like Danville (Confederate) and Camp Butler (Union). For more about Civil War Prisons click, http://www.civilwar.org/education/history/warfare-and-logistics/pow-camps/prison-camps.html .

Baseball Jim

jamesmatthews baseball1024When James Matthews was young, he was a baseball player. In the 1960s he played on a traveling semi-pro team. He was scouted by the Minnesota Twins organization. The Viet Nam War was on though, and he joined the Navy as a submarine sailor. On the recommendations of a couple Big League scouts, he was assigned to the Navy's Special Services Baseball Team stationed in Pearl Harbor. He played there in 1968 with a number of professional players, including Minor Leaguers, and Major Leaguers. This gave James a special understanding of what that life was like, and what it took to be a Big Leaguer.

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